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Name Change Lawyers & Attorneys

Name Change Attorneys practice name change law. There are two ways one can go about changing their name. Names can be changed either by using the name in all aspects of personal, social and business life, or by filing an official Order of Name Change with the court. Difficulties do tend to arise if one simply establishes a new name merely by usage.

Name change attorneys and lawyers file actions in the proper court with the applicable forms and fee. In most states, the petitioner (the individual making the request) must publish a notice in a local newspaper stating that the action for name change has been filed. Also, the petitioner may be required to notify specific individuals affected by the name change.

Name Change Lawyers And AttorneysA petition would be denied if you were changing your name to avoid judgments, legal actions, debts or obligations. A name change attorney cannot help change someone's name to defraud any other person.

Name change lawyers seeking a name change for a minor have one or more of the minor’s parents file the petition. If only one parent is filing on behalf of the minor, it is usually helpful if the absent parent consents to the name change. Complicated situations for a name change attorney may arise if the non-custodial parent cannot be located, is incarcerated, or lives out of town. In a minor name change, consideration is given to whether the name change is in the best interests of the minor, and issues such as custody is carefully examined.

A name change can typically be completed in a 30-90 day period when name change attorneys are being used.

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